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The last few weeks/months/years have been somewhat "crazy" for GetOutsideNJ.com. I felt that it might be time to add a blog to the site and share what is going on, as well as give a timeline of our accomplishments.

A brief project history

For a few years now, I have been running a small personal website to share photos and basic location information about where those shots were taken. It was nice, but too simple. And since it was my "personal" site, I did not want to give all the people at my work. This was beginning of a new project. I started brainstorming during every trip with my girlfriend, every trail day with JORBA/S.M.A.R.T., and any second of the day that I had free time. What we came up with was a new site presenting solid location data in a search-able form.

By the spring of 2009, the website was at about 75%. We had a design, programming logic to display/organize locations, and a good amount of locations to promote. You can actually see the demo site we had created. We were getting close to a launch day with everyday that went by. As the group started thinking through the final few aspects of the project, we found a few limitations within the system. Ones that were big enough to show that we pretty much needed to start over. Summer came about, and programming all but stopped.

Mid-fall 2009, we started back in. Starting fresh was all we could do. Strengthening the core programming (within ProjectBill.org) was the first goal. Then we needed a solid model (or at least a solid plan) on what needed to get done. Shortly after, we jumped back into the programming world.

Whats next?

Well, there is a lot to do. Too much to write out here actually. But I hope that I will have to keep adding posts here that will keep people up to date. We are getting a few hits a day, a few newsletter sign-ups a week, as well as a few Twitter followers a week. I hope that adding content here will help attract new people, and help keep our current followers interested.

Talk to you soon. Jeff C.

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