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ExploringAllaire.com - A new Side Project

We love Allaire State Park and wanted to put up a fan site to show off all its beauty.

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New Parks And Places May, 2020

We have a few fun new features coming to the site (and maybe to some other new sites) this year. Here are what we h

NJ State Parks and Many County Parks Reopen!

NJ State Parks, and many County Parks opened this past weekend for passive recreation!

NJ State and County Parks Closed Until Further Notice

All State Parks, State Forests and County Parks throughout New Jersey are now Closed until further notice.

State Park Facilities Close to Help Reduce Spread of COVID-19

Open spaces at state parks and wildlife management areas open and available for passive recreation; enclosed facili

St Patrick's Day Parades by County (2020)

St. Patricks Day is right around the corner! We hope this will help you find an event near you!