New Dog Restrictions for Fisherman's Cove Conservation Area (Manasquan)

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The Borough of Manasquan Facebook Page shared the following note about the Fisherman's Cove Conservation Area:

The Monmouth County Park System has informed the Borough of Manasquan of a change that will be implemented this summer at Fisherman's Cove Conservation Area. With the reconstruction of the end of the inlet and across the front of Fisherman's Cove, and the County's improvements to the site, Fisherman's Cove has been more popular than ever.

Dog owners and non-dog owners alike use the site. In addition other activities including kayak launching, bird watching, and fishing take place. People with younger children avoiding the ocean waves and walkers - all without dogs - are now using the site.

In an effort to avoid conflict, and allow all to equally use the site, the Monmouth County Parks System will manage the site as follows:

Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, dogs are not permitted on the beach of Fisherman's Cove between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. Dogs will be permitted to use the upland trails during the mentioned hours providing they are leashed and under control. Prior to 10 am and after 4 pm Dogs are permitted on the Fisherman's Cove Beach, providing they are leashed and under control.

Should you have any questions regarding this new policy, you can contact the Monmouth County Park's System at (732) 842-4000.

The Borough of Manasquan does not own this area and does not have jurisdiction their rules and regulations.

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