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We recently shared a note on our Facebook Page asking for some help with our Recreation/Learning Center that will include activity guides and articles. We had a great response to this, and would really like to move forward on getting some of these written. We hope this post will fully explain everything we are looking to accomplish.

The "Learning Center" Explained

The goal of the Learning Center is to provide guides to help the average person learn the basics of a new activity. They are not meant to replace actual training but will help you learn the basic equipment, terms, and where they might want to start. A simple example of what we would like to share might be kayaking..

Did you know that a base / entry level kayak might not be the right place to start if you have never paddled? Why not take a class, find a group, or go out with some friends on the Manasquan Reservoir first. Once you know you will be hooked, consider where you are paddling.. lake / river / bay, and purchase accordingly. Also, how will you transport the kayaks? You will need a roof rack or a large enough bed within a truck. Also, some kayaks weigh 40 or more pounds. Can you lift that onto or off your car / truck and get it to the water?

There will need to be more depth than this of course. But as you can see, we are looking to really help a new person know enough to get started.

Topics We'll Cover

The learning center will be broken up into separate "guides" for many outdoor activities. This will include:

  • Fishing
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Bird Watching
  • Camping
  • Disc golf
  • Kayaking
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Scuba diving
  • Horseshoes / qates / cornhole
  • etc

We hope that each activity will cover the following topics:

  • General Description
  • Base equipment
  • How much it would cost to get started
  • Are there fees or do you need a license, and how do you handle that
  • Tips and Tricks (Ex: know the tides when kayaking, or bring a spare tube with biking)
  • Related groups
  • Web Resources (Ex: links to where you can fish on state land)

We'll build out this list as we go, but we feel that having the same topic set within all our guides will allow for easy, quick reading for all our visitors.

We'll Trade For Content

GetOutsideNJ is just a side project at this time, so we would not be able to pay for the content. But we would like to trade your content with some type of marketing placed onto the guide you create. Most likely a banner on the guide with your contact information, primary links, phone number, etc. We'll also add you to the Groups and Orgs listings as a content contributor, and we'll add an actual listing into our search directory (if these apply).

Advanced Guides

At some point, we'll be looking to share more than basic info. With the appropriate writers, we would like to share advanced guides for many activities, or even expanding to (for example) different types of Velodrome races, rather then just a what a velodrome/track bike really is.

Beyond The Learning Center

We are also looking for content beyond a Learning Center guide. We are looking for:

  • Event listings all around NJ
  • Blog posts/articles about getting out around the state
  • Photos and Stories of places in the past for our Throwback Thursday listings
  • New listings and new organizations to add.

Would You Like To Help?

The process we will be going through is rather simple. We ask that you send an email (to with what topic you would like to work with, along with why you feel you might be the right choice. We would also ask that you let us know what company/location/group that you would like us to promote. Once we are all in agreement, we'll provide the specific topics (like gen info/base gear) and you can start writing.

Thank you for considering to help bring GetOutsideNJ to the next level!


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