Featured Place: Estell Manor Park

Updated: Jul 17, 2020 Short URL: gonj.me/24425c
This weeks "Featured Place" is Estell Manor Park. We have only been in this a few times, but each time we go we enjoy it that much more. There is just so much to do:
  • They have great trails for jogging, biking, walking and more.
  • Playgrounds and picnic areas can be found around the park for a great day out.
  • There is also fishing and boat launch access to the river and creeks surrounding the park. We can't wait to paddle here :)
  • You can also find a bit of history in the park. The Estellville Glassworks and Atlantic County Veteran's Cemetery are worth stopping by anytime you are in the area.
  • Did we mention camping? Well they have it as well, offering a few smaller spots and a group site.

If you have not been to Estell, we recommend doing so sooner then later. Especially is you are a mountain biker looking for another place to go. Though there is not much of an elevation change, you will still have a great time.


Within a short drive, you will find a lot of great places. Please visit the "What's Nearby" page of Estell Manor Park.

For detailed information about this park, please visit the pages and galleries below.

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