Lawrence Hopewell Trail adds nearly 1-mile addition

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An undeveloped portion of Bristol-Myers Squibb's Princeton Pike campus and part of the leafy Lawrenceville School grounds were officially opened to hikers, bikers and walkers yesterday during a ceremony marking the completion of yet another portion of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail.

The new section includes a 3,100-foot stretch on Bristol-Myers' land and a 1,900-foot section through The Lawrenceville School at its baseball field parking lot, with Lewisville Road connecting the two.

"The trail is now 80 percent completed - 80 percent of our 22 miles," Eleanor Horne, co-president of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail (LHT) organization, said "If all goes well, we hope to complete the trail in 2014."

The trail has been in the works for more than a decade, and 16 miles are open to the public. "That's quite a ways from the two years that we thought it would originally take, but we've stuck with it," Horne said.

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