Reminder: Keep your pups on a leash, or visit a dog park

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Just wanted to share a reminder to never let your dogs off-leash in public places, unless within an enclosed dog park. This is for their safety, other people's safety, and just to ensure they do not run away. Keep everyone safe.

We are mentioning this because of an incident we had yesterday. While hiking in Allaire State Park, we were flagged down by a woman who had let her dogs play off-leash near the RC field. After a short time, they did what dogs do, and decided to chase after a deer. They quickly ran out of site.

We agreed to help and walked all the trails near the field, even down to the river. After a bit of time, we called the park office and then the park police for help. Just before the police were dispatched, the woman found her dogs casually walking towards her a good half mile from where they started. She put on their leash, and went back to her car.

She was lucky that it just worked out. But what if the dog ran across Hospital Rd. or even made it to the Parkway? Or what if they approached another dog or another hiker and something happened? I get it.. felt her dogs were "cool" and would be Ok. But I still feel that is just not a good choice.

Moral of the story.. find a dog park or keep your pups on a leash when you are out in a public / open place.

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