Unauthorized Trail Building at High Point State Park (via JORBA)

Updated: Jul 17, 2020 Short URL: gonj.me/1252fc
Many people do not understand what time and planning go into creating the trail system we have in NJ. Many believe they can just go out and make their own. Please do not do this. Unplanned / Unapproved trails within our park systems will only make it harder for groups like Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association (www.jorba.org), New Jersey Trails Association (www.njtrails.org), New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (www.nynjtc.org) and many more. An excerpt from there site:
JORBA received an email from the Superintendent of High Point State Park (she is the former supt of Ringwood State Park in fact, and is very supportive of mountain biking) letting me know that the rangers have found and are closing some unauthorized trails in High Point.
Please read this post on JORBA.org about a recent issue in High Point State Park.

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