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Photos of: Round Valley Recreation Area -- Trails - 04/12/2012

The trails in Round Valley are great. The elevation change will kick your butt, no matter if you are hiking, biking

Photos of: Round Valley Recreation Area -- Reservoir / Water - 04/12/2012

The reservoir is great. The fishing and paddling are both top notch. At the deepest, it is over 160' deep. The wate


Photos of: Allaire Campground - 04/11/2012

Here are a few shots from Allaire Campground. You will see the large lots, cabins, and yurts. I did not get a pictu

Photos of: Winding River Park (fall 2009) - 04/08/2012

Here are some photos from our walk in Winding River Park back in the Fall of 2009. It is a nice little park, which

Our flight with AIR-MODS. What a great day! - 04/07/2012

This past weekend we visited Air-Mods Flight School & Service Center at the Trenton-Robbinsville airport. Both my b


Photos of: Tillman Ravine - 04/05/2012

Tillman Ravine is a great short hike . You can park in 2 lots off Tillman Road and walk down the ravine, or park ne

Photos of: Buttermilk Falls - 04/05/2012

Buttermilk falls is one of the tallest falls in NJ. The falls are at their most dramatic in the spring or after lar

Photos of: Shark River Park (2008) - 03/25/2012

Here are some pictures taken in Shark River Park.


Photos of: Brown Recreation Area, Toms River - 03/16/2012

A Toms River local mentioned Brown Recreation Area a few years ago. here are a few shots we took when visiting.

Photo of: Skyview Park, Toms River - 03/15/2012

A few pictures taken within Photo of: Skyview Park, Toms River.

Photos Of: Six Mile Run Reservoir - 03/15/2012

In 2008, we visited Six Mile for a hike. We really enjoy this park and try to make it there once a year.


Photos of: Mercer County Park -- Trail Maintenance - 03/15/2012

Each month, JORBA (jorba.org) works on the trails to keep them in great condition. here are a few shots from those

Photos of: Mercer County Park -- Activities - 03/15/2012

Within mercer County Park, you will find many things to do. From biking, to hiking, to kayaking, to crew racing.. i

Photos of: Mercer County Park -- Trails - 03/15/2012

The trails throughout Mercer County park are amazing. Here is the proof!


Photos of: Mercer County Park -- Wildlife - 03/15/2012

Here are some shots of the wildlife from around Mercer County park. We hope to be adding more soon.

Photos of: Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook - 03/14/2012

Here you will find some photos taken at the Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook.

Photos of: Hartshorne Woods County Park - 03/14/2012

Here are a a few shots of Hartshorne Woods taken over the last few years.


Snow Tubing at the Drop Zone - 02/04/2012

This was the first time visiting the Drop Zone Tubing Park, and we really had a great time. We came down the mounta

Pumpkin Picking and feeding the animals in Atlantic Farm - 10/17/2010

Today, Jackie and I headed to Atlantic Farms in Manasquan, New Jersey (08736). We were here to feed the animals, as

Photos of: Animal Haven at Thompson Park (Middlesex County) - 10/04/2009

In Animal Haven at Thompson Park in Monroe Township, you will see pigs, goats, an emu, deer, peacocks, turkeys, and


Photos Of: Thompson Park (Middlesex County) - 09/10/2009

We visited this beautify park in Jamesburg/Monroe (Middlesex County) for a walk around their grounds. Was a great d

Photos Of: Stockton College Observatory - 06/26/2009

Some photos taken of the Stockton College Observatory back in 2009.

Photos Of: Gabriel Memorial Field - 06/26/2009

Photos taken at Gabriel Memorial Field, 2009.


Photos Of: Storybook Land (they were closed, could not go in) - 06/26/2009

We stopped by Storybook Land one morning. They had not yet opened for the day, and we could not go in. We hope to g

Photos Of: Atlantic County Bikeway - 06/26/2009

On a trip to southern NJ, we found the Atlantic County Bikeway while driving through Egg Harbor. We did not have ti

Photos Of: Tony Canale Park - 06/26/2009

We visited Tony Canale Park back in 2009 while exploring the area. What a nice park!


Photos Of: Birch Grove Park - Facilities - 06/26/2009

Information Coming Soon..

Photos Of: Birch Grove Park - Trails - 06/26/2009

Information Coming Soon..

Photos Of: Birch Grove Campground - 06/26/2009

Information Coming Soon..


Photos Of: Pleasantville to Somers Point Bike Path - 06/26/2009

A few simple shots of this very nice bikeway.