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Groups and Organizations:

  • This picture was taken on Trail Day in Mercer County Park with Jersey Off Road Biking Association (JORBA). Each month, JORBA maintains miles and miles of trails throughout New jersey in over 20 parks. Without their hard work, many trail systems would be lost.

NJ Groups, Organizations and Reference

There are many groups around New Jersey that give back to the community. From trail maintenance, to shore cleanup, GetOutsideNJ would like to take some time and say Thank You to them for all their hard work. We would also like to share them with you in the hopes that they may inspire you to get up away from the computer and give back as well.

Beyond providing a list fo volenteer opportunities, we would also like to share clubs, great NJ references and more within this section of the site. And below you will find all the categories that we have within the system.

If you are a group, or know a group that would like to be included within this list, please send us an email: Please include as much information as you can, like website, URL, contact, FB page, anything that will help us look into the group and get them onto the site.

Note: is not directly associated to any groups listed on this site unless otherwise noted. We try to volunteer with as many groups as we can, but we do not have any direct sponsorship, financial/legal connection to any groups listed on the site.

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