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9th Division WWII Historical Preservation Society

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The 9th Division WWII HPS is a WWII re-enactment group which operates in the mid-Atlantic area of the US.

The 9th Division WWII HPS facilitates several events a year to help support / raise money for the sponsoring venue, such as Fort Mifflin, Fort Mott or Air Victory Museum (Lumberton, NJ).

We are historians who enjoy researching and studying the many aspects of WWII history. We work hard and practice our marching and drilling regularly. At some events, we live in the field, in the same pup tents the GI's used in WWII. To make our group as authentic as possible, we interview WWII veterans, and welcome them into our events as honored guests.

We love reading about WWII history and we always look forward to meeting and talking with our nations veterans.

We encourage like-minded individuals to attend our events, come talk to us and see if this is something you would like to pursue further.

It can be a very expensive hobby, but we assign a "mentor" to help guide you towards good deals and the "need to have" items, as well as to gather up some extra gear and outfit you with the basics, if we can.

New trial members are considered "Replacements" and wear the repo depot patch for the first 6 months in the 9th Division. If you are a good fit for us and the 9th is a good fit for will be given your 9th division patch and insignias. Now you can pass your patches down the line to the next new recruit.

If you like WWII history, we hope you will join one of the many WWII living history groups out there; as this a very rewarding hobby and it has alot to offer WWII enthusiasts.

This hobby is what you make of it, and can be a great way to meet and talk with our nations heroes.

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