Atlantic farms offer pumpkin picking and corn maze in season, seasonal shopping (like for Christmas), a farm stand and a picnic area. They also offer a a large farm with animals, where many can be fed by hand.

Trail & Path Info

There are no "trails" on the property, but you can certainly get a bit of walking in if you stroll around the property, feeding the animals :)

Things to See & Do

  • The Farm Stand offers great food, veggies, fruit, and more throughout the year.
  • The animal area (some call it a petting zoo) is a lot of fun to walk through. You can purchase food for the animals at the main farm stand.
  • During the fall season, you will find a great pumpkin patch, corn maze, tractor pulled hay rides, maze stalks and more!

Trip Ideas

We know many people that make a trip to Atlantic Farms each fall season to visit the animals, take a hay ride and purchase a pumpkin or 2. While in the area, they stop in at Hinck's Turkey Farm (more info ) for some great food, or even head to Allaire State Park| or the RelCntlinkID!!240||Historic Allaire Village.

Admission & Guidelines

Though we do not have a specific price for you, we know that there is a charge to walk through most of the animal farm area, and take part in seasonal activities like the corn maze and hay rides.


On the Atlantic Farms property, you will find a farmstand (to purchase all their great food), a farm/animal area (sometimes called the petting zoo/farm), a large pumpkin patch and field, ample parking for special events, and more.


There is a parking lot in front of the main farm stand. During larger events, they open up parking along a field just next to the farmstand. We know some people also park in theHinck's Turkey Farm (more info ) parking lot, but we would ask that if you do this, pleasepatronize and don't just use them for their parking lot :)


There are a lot of great things to do in the area. Here are a few that we enjoy:

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Please Note: All distances are "as the crow flies". Actual driving distance may vary.

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