Abram S. Hewitt State Forest is located in Hewitt, New Jersey. A section of Bearfort Ridge, as well as the Appalachian Trail reaches into Hewitt State Forest, offering hikers a challenging climb with a rewarding view. The forest is isolated and untouched, accessible only on foot. Marshes and wetlands are scattered throughout the forest with several brooks and streams criss-crossing the lower areas. Hemlock and oak are the dominant species of this relatively undisturbed forest.


Parking can be found on the south end of the park, along the Warwick Turnpike. Small pull off lots can be found as you travel up the hill (up from the Warwick Turnpike/White Road intersection). The trail head is near the Warwick Turnpike/White Road intersection.

Another lot can be found at the top of the park. There is a small parking lot just south of the NJ/NY border off Lakeside Road/CR 511, across the street from a marina. This lot is shared by the marina patrons and can fill up. But that is about all you have in this area.

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