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March 15th, 2014: Alexandria Pump Track Closed Permanently

This was shared on the JORBA facebook page on March 15th, 2014: JORBA is saddened to report that the Alexandria Pump Track, the first of its kind in New Jersey, is permanently closed. Many factors have led to the closure, not the least of which being the rising cost of insurance and the litigious nature of our state. We put forth our best effort to reopen the track this spring, but unfortunately we were unsuccessful. We would like to thank the Township of Alexandria, the Alexandria Park Commission, and the Alexandria Department of Public Works for all of their support over the years. Most of all we would like to send a special thank you to all of the volunteers who made the project a reality. Through hard work and dedication, we were able to provide a wonderful place to ride for 4 years. Though we were unable to come to an agreement with the township, which would keep the track open, we are extremely proud of what we accomplished. We will move forward with a few more advocacy tools in our backpacks, and 4 years of lessons learned both on and off the track. Happy trails, and keep digging.

A pump track is one of the fastest-growing attractions in biking. It is a continuous dirt loop of rollers and insloped turns, reminiscent of a BMX track but smaller in scale, which can be ridden by cyclists of all ages and skill levels. A pump track can be placed in a small footprint, requires little maintenance, and teaches riders essential riding skills while building fitness, all in a low-risk environment. Alexandria Park's pump track will provide a new challenge for New Jersey's growing cycling community.

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