Allaire State Park is probably best known for its historic 19th-century iron making town, Allaire Village, and its antique steam trains on the Pine Creek Railroad. The Manasquan River, which winds through the park, attracts canoeists and fishermen. The river's floodplain provides habitat for over 200 species of wildflowers, trees and plants as well as habitat for birds and other wildlife. Hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders enjoy the many trails in the park.

Trail & Path Info

The park can be broken up into two primary sections divided by the Manasquan River. Each has somewhat specific trail uses..

Allaire Village / Campground (Northern side of Allaire)

On the northern side of the park, you will find the campground and Allaire Village. The village is surrounded by hiking/walking trails. These are primarily flat but very enjoyable. Bikers and horse back riding is not allowed on many of these trails. You will also find the entrance to the Edgar Felix Bikeway Trails, which is a great paved path between the village and Manasquan, NJ. Across Atlantic Ave from the village (as well as around the campground) there are a good amount of trails. You can hike/bike/job/ride a horse on these.

Biking/Hiking trails, Hospital Rd / Group Campground (Southern side of Allaire)

Along the southern side of the park you will find miles of multi-use, multi-sport trails that hikers, bikers, equestrians and fisherman enjoy throughout the year. Though you will find many dirt parking on the surrounding roads, the main parking for this is found on Hospital Rd. The trailhead has a map, pit toilets, and access to all the fun trails. If you walk across Hospital Rd (be careful crossing), you will find a few more miles of very fun trails.

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Boat launch
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Food / Vending !In the village, summer months, weekends only
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RC Flying Field !Must be a club member
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Other Destinations found within / connected to Allaire State Park are: Allaire Campground, Allaire Group Campground, Historic Allaire Village, New Jersey Museum of Transportation - Pine Creek Railroad, RC Flying Field (within Allaire State Park)

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