Bear Swamp Natural Area is a small park in Howell, New Jersey, that offers walking, horseback riding, birding and more.

A Brief History

The history of the Bear Marsh and the plan to manage this property can be read within the Bear Swamp Master Plna (2012) pdf:

Trail & Path Info

There are 3 marked/primary trails around the property, with a length of around 3 miles. The main parking and entrance point to these trails can be found off Maxim Rd. Both car and Horse parking areas are location here.

Things to See & Do

The small pond next to the parking lot is simply beautiful on a summer afternoon. From here, the woods are thick along the trails, and are full of singing birds and buxxing bugs.

Venturing off the trail a bit will provide a glimpse into the past with the ruins of the Maxim Smokeless Gunpowder Factory. These tucked away for good reason, and should not be played on or disturbed.


There are no facilities on this location. Pee before coming here.


A few hundred feet from the traffic light at Maxim Rd and Farmingdale Lakewdoow Rd is a small entrance to the property.

Cars/trucks can park along the grass, across the dirt road from the pond.

Horse trailers are asked to park in the trailer parking lots along Maxim Rd, since turning around dwn near the gate might be tough.

For all visitors, please keep your cars away from the gate, and away from the soft soil of the pond.

Related Groups / Organizations

This property is managed by Howell Township.

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