In 2000, our family purchased this 51 acre farm to supply our retail garden center, Great Swamp Greenhouses. Since then, we've planted over ten acres of grapes on a sunny hillside at the top of the property and transformed a large storage barn into a spectacular 7000 square foot winery. The younger generation will take the helm at the new business, and while being the first members to have formal education in the industry, they are proud to carry on a tradition as fourth generation farmers.

The Vineyard

As a family rooted in farming, we truly believe that all great wine is made in the vineyard. Our long term goal for this endeavor, one that will likely take generations, is to identify and cultivate the grapes that will produce the most distinct interpretation of our estate vineyard. By employing four full time vineyard workers, we have the ability to pay close attention to our vines year round - doing practices by hand where many growers opt for mechanization to lower production costs. We use sustainable practices to grow healthy, deep rooted vines that are specially matched to the varying soil types and slopes that make our 51 acres of land unique.

The Winery

Inside the winery, our approach is simple - do everything necessary to bring out the best in each individual batch of fruit. Our small lot production gives us the opportunity to hone in on the differences in each variety or blend, allowing us to create unique wines with distinct personalities that reflect both their vineyard source and our winemaker's own style.

The winery itself is outfitted with some of the best equipment available to the industry, which allows for a more gentle processing of the fruit and a focus on quality over quantity. We offer a range of wine styles to suit every palate, though our main concentration is on aromatically intense, food friendly wines.

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