The Bergen County Zoo is a "New World" zoo, exhibiting wildlife from North and South America. You have the unique opportunity to view such rare and unusual species as Baird's Tapirs, Andean Condors, American Alligators, Golden Lion Tamarins, South American Pampas, and many others.

The Bergen County Zoo provides a clean, aesthetically-pleasing facility that meets or exceeds the physical, environmental, and behavioral needs of the animals in its care. The goal of the zoo is to develop and maintain exhibits which emphasize natural behavior, encourage longevity, and promote breeding success. Our AZA accredited zoo actively participates in wildlife conservation endeavors through captive breeding programs and research projects and supports conservation efforts throughout the world. The zoo provides a unique and effective educational experience that fosters an appreciation for the interrelationships between the animals and their environments. It provides an enjoyable recreational experience for the residents and visitors of Bergen County.

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Trip Ideas

We would suggest making a nice long day out of visiting the zoo. You can get to Van Saun County Park early to play in the playgrounds. Next, visit the zoo and all the furry animals. After, take a walk on the park trails, ride the carousel, splash in the playground, and more.

Picnics / Lunches / Eating

There are many picnic tables, and picnic areas, throughout Van Saun County Park. They are within a few minute walk from the zoo.


Ample parking can be found for the zoo.

Editor's Note....

We have only visited the park during the winter and have not yet been able to explore either the zoo or Van Saun County Park. But from what we have seen, it looks like a must visit for anyone in the area. And from what we have heard on Facebook, all the locals love it! We can not wait to actually visit this year.

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