What began more than a decade ago as an unused sand and gravel pit, has evolved into the largest construction project in the history of Brick Township. It is also the site of a one billion gallon water storage reservoir that will ensure an uninterrupted supply of water to our customers for generations to come. Complimenting the functional use of the Brick Reservoir will be the passive recreational opportunities it brings to the residents of our area. The 120 acre site will offer aesthetically pleasing theme gardens with indigenous plantings, two fishing stations lined with brick pavers, four gazebos, numerous benches to relax and enjoy the facility, and a walking/jogging path. The entire area is lit with multiple lighting fixtures. Pets are allowed. Multiple dog stations can found around the perimeter which contains bags to help you clean up after your pet.

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Trail & Path Info

The path around the reservoir is made up of crushed rock and is very comfortable for walking and jogging, and has a total length of about 1.6 miles. There is not much of an elevation change, since it sits at the top of the reservoir. In comparison, the Manasquan Reservoir (in Howell) perimeter trail has about 50 feet of elevation changes as the much longer trail both climbs and falls as you walk the path.

Things to See & Do

The reservoir itself is very peaceful, and we would consider this to be the primary "point of interest". There are a few nice fishing areas with benched, and gazeboos set up for a nice shady break as you walk the reservoir..

Hours / Season of Operation

Reservoir Hours

Open Monday - Sunday during the spring and summer months Open Tuesday - Sunday during the winter months Closed on the following Holidays - Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day.

Winter Hours - December 16-March 31:

6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Spring/Summer Hours - April 1-December 15:

6:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.


There are two primary parking lots, with an extra lot shared with a church. The first is found off Herbertsville road. There are some bathrooms here, along with a large amount of parking. The second lot is found off Sally Ike Rd / Metedeconk Rd (depending if you are coming from Brick or Wall). No batherooms here. And then parking lot itself is sometimes hard to make a right out of when there is a little bit of traffic. The last spot can be found behind the Trinity Bible Church, around the corner from the Metedeconk lot.

Editor's Note....

We receive a large amount of google searches about tours at the Brick Reservoir. We have never heard of any tours within this destination. If you are looking for ecological tours, you may want to consider visiting the Manasquan Reservoir, which is about 4 miles from this location.

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