Buttermilk Falls (in the Delaware Water Gap) is a picturesque waterfall right by the road. It cascades spectacularly 90 feet down the red shale face off the Kittatinny Ridge. It is the only waterfall in New Jersey, apart from Great Falls, with a developed viewing area: the National Park Service has erected an interpretive display and built a wooden walkway to the top.

Trail & Path Info

As you view Buttermilk from below, you will find a steep trail (on the left) heading to the top of the falls. You can also walk past the top of the falls, following the same trail. This will eventually lead you to the AT. There are many many miles of hiking trails throughout the Delaware Water Gap. Because of how many and somewhat remote the forest can be in this area, we highly recommend getting a trail map before venturing too much past the main trail at the falls.

Trip Ideas

We usually visit both Buttermilk and Tillman Ravine on the same day.The Ravine is just a few miles up the dirt road from Buttermilk, and is also a very nice hike.

Within a few miles of the falls, you will also find Stokes State Forest. Stokes offers swimming, hiking, camping and more.

Editor's Note....

We visit Buttermilk each year during a camping trip we take called Waterfall Weekend. We camp somewhere near Dingmans Ferry and visit / hike as many waterfalls as we can. Please visit our facebook page for detailed information.

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