Dorbrook Recreation Area recreation site features 535 acres which include a barrier-free playground, tennis courts, horseshoe courts, two swimming pools (for lessons only), a Sprayground, an inline rink, basketball courts, open fields, and 2.4 miles of paved trail for walking, biking, and in-line skating. There are also athletic fields available for use for games only, no practices. Additionally, an area has been established for model airplane flying and model rocket launches. Please contact the Park Manager at the above phone number for further information.

Trail & Path Info

There is a very nice, mainly flat paved path around the fields in the northern side of the park. The main path is about 2 miles long. You can add a bit more (another .4 miles) by turning it into a figure 8 and cutting across the center paved areas. See the map for specifics.

Also, there are a few paths in the woods. We are not sure if these are "legal", or just something that kids made. Please let us know if you know for sure either way.

Things to See & Do

The sprayground is a HUGE draw in the summer. It gets quite busy.. for good reason!

Also, just near the sprayground, you will find a LARGE playground. This looks to be a handicapped accessible playground, which is great for all ages and abilities.

The perimeter trail is also worth noting. It is somewhat flat and great for walking / biking / jogging.


There is a large lot near the playground and sprayground. There is also a lot to the "right" just after you come into the park, allowing fast access to tennis / basketball / etc.

South of 537 has a few dirt parking areas for the playfields and RC flying field.

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