The Edgar Felix Bikeway runs from Allaire State Park in Wall Township to the seaside community of Manasquan in eastern Monmouth County. The route follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way, now paved. The smooth surface allows for use by all types of bicycles. This is a moderately to heavily trafficked multi-use trail, and you can expect to encounter just about anything with two or more wheels along the way. It's a good idea to ride slowly. In many places, the path runs right next to private property, and local residents in the area seem to regard it as an extension of their own backyards.

Trail & Path Info

The primary bikeway runs directly between Allaire Village and Manasquan.

Route 18 Bike Path/Wall Paved Bike path

About halfway between the Rt 34 and 35 bridges, you will find an extension to the trail. Commonly referred to as the Route 18 Bike Path, it stretches another 2+ miles north deep into Wall. It crosses a few roads, directs you through a nice marsh, through some fields, and ends up dropping you into the Wall Muni Complex.

Hospital Rd Extension

A new section of trail now extends along Hospital Rd and the fishing access parking lot (in Allaire SP) along the Manasquan River.


Primary Trail Parking..

- On Atlantic Ave, there is a parking lot right near the Spring Meadow Golf Course entrance.

- There is a small lot off of Hospital Rd. Please note the parking lot I mention is NOT the main Allaire lot on hospital.

- Another lot is located right in the center of Allenwood near the general store. This lot will also offer access (by riding down the road) to Manasquan Wildlife Management Area.

- Continuing deeper into Wall, you can access the trail within Orchard Park. There is also some street parking near Orchard Park that local residents use for both the park and the trail.

- Lastly is a parking lot in Manasquan itself. This lot is located across the street from the Manasquan trailhead.

Alternative Parking..

- You can also park in the Wall Muni Complex. This gives you access to the "Rt 18 Extension" section of the trail, and will eventually lead you to the primary bikeway.

- There is a fishing access parking lot in Allaire SP off Hospital Rd. This parking will give you direct access to the newly added bikeway extension.

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