Update: May 2015 -- The Monmouth County Park System has informed the Borough of Manasquan of a change that will be implemented this summer at Fisherman's Cove Conservation Area: Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, dogs are not permitted on the beach of Fisherman's Cove between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. Dogs will be permitted to use the upland trails during the mentioned hours providing they are leashed and under control. Prior to 10 am and after 4 pm Dogs are permitted on the Fisherman's Cove Beach, providing they are leashed and under control. To read more, please Click Here.

Fisherman's Cove is a 55-acre beach and partially wooded area is part of the Monmouth County Park System. It supports a variety of diverse habitats as well as an abundance of plant and animal species. Many migrating and resident birds have taken sanctuary within these 55acres. Recreational boaters, fishermen and others seeking passive recreation also enjoy this unique area.

Many people use this beach as a dog park, allowing them to run off leash. It looks like the rules of the park say otherwise. "Dogs must be on leash at all times while at this park." Many people feel that this is not an important rule, and act accordingly.


Parking can be found in the main lot off 3rd Ave, or along 3rd directly.

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