Skydive Cross Keys has been in business of jumping out of perfectly good airplanes for 22 years, and is under new ownership as of this year. A family owned operation, with the husband flying airplanes and wife running ground control, this close community feels like a true family to hundreds of skydivers. From first-timers to pros with 20,000+ jumps under their belts, Skydive Cross Keys caters to every discipline in the sport - from freeflying to large formations to high performance canopy competitions.

For anyone looking to touch the sky for the first time, step out of the airplane door and experience the thrill of human flight in the sky, Skydive Cross Keys is the easy choice. Only 15 miles south of Philadelphia, it is the closest skydiving center to the city. With some of the most experienced instructors in the country, large turbine aircraft, a strong culture of safety and a great atmosphere, this dropzone is chosen by thousands of people each year for their first time jump! And for many, it is only the start, as the first thing almost everyone says as they land is, Lets go again!

Hours / Season of Operation

Open 7 days a week, year round!

Their primary hours are from 9am (weekdays) / 8am (weekends), until 7pm or later.

Editor's Note....

We had used Skydive Cross Keys(when they were known as Freefall Adventures) multiple times and have had a blast each time. And event though the name changed, we have only heard good things! We highly recommend using SCK!

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