Greenwood Gardens is preserving the gardens, architecture and landscape of Greenwood for the education and delight of the public. Greenwood fosters an appreciation of gardens and a respect for nature by working with others to promote conservation and stewardship of the land.

A Brief History

Greenwood Gardens was originally the home of the Joseph P. Day family The buildings and landscape were designed by William W. Renwick and constructed by hand of rough local stone and colorful Arts & Crafts tiles. The Days sold the property in 1944 and it declined. In the 1950s Peter P. Blanchard, Jr. and his wife Adelaide Childs Frick purchased the property and added their own signature to the Gardens. In particular, they added many evergreen trees, shrubs, and new design elements. The allees at the entrance and near the ponds are examples.

In 2000, in keeping with his father's wishes, Peter P. Blanchard III, and his wife, Sofia Blanchard, began the process of establishing Greenwood gardens as a nonprofit public garden and conservation organization.

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