You'll feel many miles away from civilization as you travel the trails of this park. Park features: group cabin camping (by reservation), cross country ski trails, fishing in the Navesink River, rest rooms, and trails for walking, hiking, biking, and horseback riding. It's the perfect place to escape the sounds of suburbia.

The 17-mile trail system of this 787-acre park includes 3 miles of paved paths closed to vehicular traffic in the Rocky Point Section. Hardy hikers, bicyclists, and casual walkers can all find trails to their liking. Enter from Navesink Ave., Locust or Portland Rd., Highlands.

Trail & Path Info

Hartshorne Woods Park has the most extensive and challenging series of trails (over 14 miles) in the Park System. Hardy hikers, bicyclists, and casual walkers can all find trails to their liking. Please stay on marked trails, plan your route, take a trail map, and wear appropriate safety gear. Enter from Navesink Ave., Locust or Portland Rd., Highlands.

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Things to See & Do

There are many fun points within Hartshorne to visit and explore. Our favorites would be:

* The Overlooks of the ocean and barrier islands when parking in the Rocky Point (eastern) parking lot.
* The bunkers are great. There are 2 sets of them within the park that are fun to walk to. The first can be found by taking a quick from the Rocky Point (eastern) parking lot. The Second is a bit deep in the woods. Grab a map and go find it!
* Within the center of the park, you will find trees that are tall and wide. Visiting just after a rain makes it feel like you stepped into a whole different part of the country.


There are three main lots..

* 300 Navesink Avenue, Locust, NJ (Buttermilk Valley Entrance) 07716 - Northwest side of the park. Popular, but small.

* 1402 Portland Road, Highlands, NJ (Rocky Point Entrance) 07732 - Eastern side of the park. The main parking lot that people use for biking, walking to the bunkers, and more.

* 239 Locust Avenue, Locust, NJ (Claypit Creek) 07760 - South west side of the park. Smaller but nice.

All three lots offer access to the trails within the park.

Editor's Note....

We visit the park many times a year for biking and hiking. We also love to kayak up the Navesink and view Hartshorne from the river!

This park is great, and certainly needs to be visited.

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