Important Notice 2015-11-04: The trail is closed between the first and second waterfall; a portion of the trail has sloughed off, causing a hazardous condition. The first waterfall is accessible from the 209 trailhead and the second waterfall is accessible from Emory Road. Please visit the DWGRA website for more detailed information and up to date closures.

Hornbecks Creek is a somewhat hidden gem among the numerous waterfalls located in the DWP. The trail begins at the end of the parking area off route 209 and winds through the woods for a short way, changing landscape from a wide-open space to a narrower path taking you through some fairly heavy brush.

Further up, the trail takes you along the banks of the creek, to the first set of falls. Standing over 30 feet, this large cascade is breathtaking.

The trail heads left, up the side of the valley and around this fall. The gorge to your right contains many smaller falls and rapids, a few of which can be reached by following small side trails down to the side of the river.

Keep following this trail and you will soon find two more falls that will not let you down.

By this point many people feel they have seen "everything", stopping just a few hundred feet from Indian Ladder falls. This falls are over 50 feet high, and 75+ feet wide at the base. This is a must see throughout the year, especially after a heavy rain.

To the left of Indian Ladder, you will find a staircase that brings you to the top of the falls. Beyond this you can follow a trail Emery Road. You can park here and walk a much shorter distance back to Indian Ladder if you like.

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