Jakes Branch County Park offers a balance of active and passive recreation opportunities. The nature center in the park will highlight the beauty, history, and natural surroundings of the Pine Barrens. Breathtaking views of the seemingly endless Pine Barrens can be taken in from the observation deck perched atop the nature center. Jakes Branch will also offer opportunities for soccer, baseball/softball, tennis, and basketball in addition to the miles of nature trails laid out by the staff of the Ocean County Department of Parks and Recreation. The tot lot, picnic grove and open playing fields are sure to appeal to children of all ages.

Trail & Path Info

There are many biking and hiking (walking really) trails around the park. Go explore!

Things to See & Do

Visit the nature center and go all the way up to their observation deck. The views are amazing!

Picnics / Lunches / Eating

You will find many picnic areas / tables throughout the developed areas of the park. Why not come on out on a warm summer afternoon for a picnic!


There is ample regular and handicapped parking all around the park.

Editor's Note....

Back in 2011, we visited Jakes Branch on a VERY cold and windy day. Though we did not get to explore the park, we loved their nature center.

Amenities / Features of Jakes Branch County Park:

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