Michael Debbi Park is located on Cedar Avenue in Richland. Michael Debbi Park is our largest park facility offering a wide array of activities and amenities. The park has a street hockey rink, basketball and tennis courts, baseball, softball and football fields. There is a paved walking path for your enjoyment. debi2The park is also home to the Buena Braves Athletic Association. Our football field is named in honor of longtime Buena Braves Coach Aldo Falasca. Play equipment includes swings, sliding board, and other childrens activities.

There is a Special Events Center gazebo where Summer Concerts and other events take place. The Veterans Pavilion and "Court of Honor" provides a picnic area and public gathering point. The Veterans Pavilion and "Court of Honor" is named in honor of all members of the military who have served in all wars from Buena Vista. Michael Debbi Park features a kitchen and numer0us pavilions that are used during our Independence Day Celebration and other events throughout the year. The Bob James Softball Field, was dedicated during the Independence Day Celebration of July 2, 2000. "Sam Brunozzi Way", the main driveway into Michael Debbi Park features an antique light fixture, bench and shrubbery display in honor of one of our former mayors. The "Michael Debbi" Park was named after our long time Road Supervisor Michael Debbi who helped build our parks and roads in Buena Vista Township.

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