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Private Paintball Parties! - NJ Paintball Club specializes in "private paintball playing parties" where just you and your friends play paintball privately, supervised by our adult paintball staff. NJ Paintball Club would never mix a stranger in with your private paintball party, even if you requested us to. Only 45 minutes west of New York City. Paintball Reservations Required! - NJ Paintball Club only accepts paintball players who have made paintball reservations in advance for playing a private paintball party. This insures that NJ Paintball Club will always have sufficient paintball adult staff, paintball equipment, and paintball supplies on hand to make sure your private paintball party runs smoothly, and most importantly, safely.

Editor's Note....

We have not visited New Jersey Paintball Club Inc, but we have heard good things about it. We do know it is reservation only. Since not too many of our friends paintball, we may not ever head there. Unless you would like to invite us :)

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