This island is frequented by river traffic as a place to rest weary arms (after a long paddle), or just a nice place to relax and have a drink. The island itself offers multiple trails crisscrossing the woods, beach areas that allow anyone to come ashore, and a nice relaxing atmosphere.

A Brief History

In May 1888 Stevenson spent about a month in Brielle, New Jersey along the Manasquan River. On the river is a small wooded island, then commonly known as "Osborn Island". One day Stevenson visited the island and was so impressed he whimsically re-christened it "Treasure Island" and carved his initials into a bulkhead. This took place five years after he had completed the novel. To this day, many still refer to the island as such. It is now officially named Nienstedt Island, honoring the family who donated it to the borough.

Things to See & Do

Within the limits of the island, you will find a monument dedicated to the original owners of the island. Many say this monument is haunted and cursed. Ok .. no one says that.. we just wanted to add some fun to this page :)

Trip Ideas

Short Trip: Gull Island to Nienstedt (3 miles total)

Many people will use this as their "middle point" of a boating trip. We have launched our kayaks many times from Gull Island in Point Pleasant, paddled under the Rt 35 bridge, and up to the island. While there we would relax, have some grub, and head back. The overall trip is about 1.5 miles each way.

Longer Trip: Manasquan Wildlife Management Area to Nienstedt (8 miles total)

A second, but much long kayaking / paddling trip would be to start upstream in the Manasquan Wildlife Management Area. This is a much longer paddle, but is also very pretty!


Ample boat parking available. But the car parking is very limited.


Jump into a kayak / boat / canoe and drive out to the island. Or you could try swimming. Though, the boat traffic in this area may be a little much for a safe swim.

Editor's Note....

Though the trails are fun to walk for a few minutes, there is an abundant amount of poison ivy all around the island. Plan appropriately.

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