This is a true community trail: four small cities are tied together by this 6.5-mile corridor, each maintaining their short section and calling it a different name. Starting in Somers Point, a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, a large, bright sign welcomes you to the SOMERS POINT BICYCLE PATH. The trail then heads north through Linwood, Northfield and Pleasantville. Atlantic City is about a dozen miles northeast, and the area leans toward an urban setting. Frequent street crossings require caution.

Most of the trail travels through residential neighborhoods and the schools, parks and playing fields in between. Students use the path as a safe walking route between home and school. Residents of the trail's neighborhoods frequently walk it for exercise or take their babies for a ride along in strollers. Lightly traveled neighborhood roads - and busier Shore Road to the east - parallel much of the bike path, so a meal is never far away. A few short wooded sections provide a change of pace from the residential neighborhoods that make up most of the path's viewscape.

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