Popcorn Park Zoo was established in 1977 for the sole purpose of providing a refuge for wildlife that were sick, elderly, abandoned , abused, or injured, and which could no longer survive in its natural habitat. As time went on, we expanded to include exotic and domestic animals. All our residents once faced these circumstances, as well as exploitation and illegal ownership. Over 200 of these animals and birds now live in spacious surroundings in the heart of the scenic Pine Barrens in southern New Jersey. The Zoo, which is federally licensed, comprises seven acres and is graced by the indigenous Scrub Oak and Scrub Pine.

Picnics / Lunches / Eating

When we visit Popcorn Park Zoo, we'll usually bring some lunch and eat out on the picnic tables that they have just outside their main entrance.

Beyond bringing your own food, there are not any other food establishments within the zoo, or within a few miles of their main entrance.


When driving on Lacey Road, you will find signs for Popcorn Park Zoo pointing you down a small road called Humane Way. There is parking found at the end of that road. The parking there fills up rather quickly.

Since there is no parking along Humane, most people park along Lacey Road. If you do so, PLEASE be careful crossing Lacey since it is a rather busy road at times.

Editor's Note....

We love visiting this zoo, and try to do so at least once a year. They have done a great job trying to keep all their animals happy, and their cages open.

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