Poricy Park is an exceptional ecological resource whose 250 acres make it one of the largest parks in Monmouth County, serving residents throughout New Jersey and the Tri-state area. The park is a center for environmental and cultural education, enhancing the community's enjoyment and appreciation of nature and local history.

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Things to See & Do

The Poricy Brook Fossil Beds are well known to fossil collectors in the Northeast in Middletown, New Jersey. The fossils are from the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era, 145 to 65 million years ago. Although the dinosaurs were at their peak, the first mammals and birds had begun to appear. Tree ferns, ginkos, and pines were being joined by flowering plants like oak, magnolia, and grass.

During the Cretaceous period, the area of Poricy Brook in New Jersey, and the rest of the Atlantic Coastal Plain was a shallow ocean. When the ocean animals died, they were buried in the bottom. While their soft parts decayed, the harder parts, like bones, teeth, and shells, were preserved. Over millions of years, the ocean level rose and fell to form different layers of deposits with the remains of different animals. The layer exposed by the cutting action of Poricy Brook is called the Navesink Formation and is approximately 72 million years old.

Please visit the Poricy Park Fossil Bed page for rules and regulations for visiting this special location on Monmouth County.

Special / Seasonal Events

The Poricy Park Conservancy organizes many events throughout the year, including:

Hours / Season of Operation

Poricy Park is open daily dawn to 10pm. The Parks Nature Center and PPCs offices are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm, and Weekends per scheduled programs.

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Since 1970, the Poricy Park Conservancy has been preserving 250 acres of open space, wildlife and their habitats, prehistoric fossil beds, and the Historic Murray Farmhouse.

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