The Rancocas Nature Center is situated on a 210 acre piece of the Rancocas State Park, and features 3 miles of hiking trails through varied habitats including meadows, forest, and wetlands.

The Nature Center has been operating since 1977 and has been providing environmental education for the surrounding community during that time, presenting programs both on and off-site for groups including schools, scouts, libraries, senior citizens, as well as the general public.

The Friends will promote stewardship and provide environmental education for the Rancocas State Park and surrounding communities through the operation of the Rancocas Nature Center.

Please explore this site for more information on the Rancocas Nature Center and what you can do to help preserve it for the future, including making a donation.

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Trail & Path Info

You will find over three miles of wooded trails throughout the Rancocas Nature Center property. They have created a nice guided trail through the woods that will bring you to all sides of the park. The trails are not very challenging, as you will only find 30 or so feet elevation change within the park. But your walk will be very enjoyable no matter what time of the year you visit.

For a detailed map, please visit their website. We have also made a copy of the map, which you can download as a PDF here.

Things to See & Do

The nature center itself is certainly a must see. You may also want to consider taking the guided path out to the river. Though it can get muddy sometimes, the river is very beautiful.

Picnics / Lunches / Eating

There are some picnic benches right near the center that offer a great place to relax on a warm summer afternoon.


The parking lot right near nature center, garden, and trails.

Editor's Note....

We visited the Rancocas Nature Center in late 2014. We had a great time getting to know the staff/volunteers, learning about the environment in their nature center, and had a great time exploring their trails. We can not wait to go back!

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