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In Spring 2013, World Renowned Sculptor Ed Jarrett joined with longtime college friend and New Jersey resident and business owner Alan Fumo to build the Sandy Castle on Jenkinson's Beach in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. The goal was to reach 50 feet tall and break Ed's current world record with 100 percent of all proceeds and donations from admission directly going to Hometown Heroes' efforts to provide "need based charitable assistance" to local residents and businesses struggling to recover from Superstorm Sandy. It's been a fundraiser unlike any other. More than 4,500 volunteers assisted, packing the sandcastle forms over a period of weeks' schools, businesses, clubs, social groups and organizations all answered our call and got involved. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the sandcastle didn't break the record. However, it is raising money for charity and that's. our top priority. Sandy Castle is a tribute to the Jersey Shore and its surrounding area affected by the fury of Sandy. And, its creation from start to finish has truly been an historic event!

Editor's Note....

This was only a temporary destination. The castle has been taken down.. but Point pleasant is still there to visit :)

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