Slateford Creek can be found within the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area, on the PA side. The creek flows through a steep area of the local mountains, offering a challenging hike to see all the waterfalls.. big and small.

A Brief History

We do not know a huge amount about the area, but the section just below the falls is referred to as Slateford Quarry. We'll need to look into this more in the future.

Trail & Path Info

The only trail section we have visited goes between the park road and up to the falls. But we have been told there are many other trails in the area.

From the horseshoe in the road to the falls is about 04 miles, with a 150' plus elevation change (according to our recording GPS).

Things to See & Do

The waterfall of course! See the detailed map page for more information.


Parking is either along the road, allowing you to walk up the creek to the falls. or you can also park in the lot off park road and work your way through the woods, going down some steep hills to the creek / falls.

Editor's Note....

We visited this area in early 2014 during an intro to ice climbing class put on by Northeast Mountain Guiding. It was a fun day. But we also can not wait to get back into this area again during the summer to explore.

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