Located in Hopewell, NJ, Sourland Cycles is a different kind of bike shop With a strong women's line-up. Road bikes, MTB, TT/Tri, family,trail,town,kids. Gear, clothing, shoes, advice. See for yourself.

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Shopping / Service - Outdoors
Bike Rentals
Bike Sales / Repair
Outdoor Clothing
Parking Lot(s) !In Rear
General Location
New Jersey
General Areas within NJ
Northern NJ
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Delaware River (Burl, Camd, Glou, Merc, Sal)
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Listing Center: Latitude: 40.3902
Listing Center: Longitude: -74.7576
Record Status: 1.0000
Record Title: Sourland Cycles
Bike Repair
Clothing:Custom Shoe Fitting

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