Public and group campsites are available, by reservation only. All necessities must be carried in and out of public "wilderness" sites, a 1/2 to 3/4 mile hike from water and parking. Group lean-to and tent campsites are available, with adjacent permit parking. Portable rest facilities are nearby to public and group campsites.

Amenities / Features of Teetertown Camping Area:

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Bathrooms !When the park is open.
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Bathrooms !Portapotty near sites, nature center has restrooms
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Take garbage with you, no trash col
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Picnic table
Rock ring for fires / cooking
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Rocky ground
Wooded / Shaded
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New Jersey
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Skylands (Hunt, Mor, Som, Sus, War)
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Listing Center: Latitude: 40.7550
Listing Center: Longitude: -74.8486
Record Status: 1.0000
Record Title: Teetertown Camping Area
Rules and Regulations
Alcohol *NOT Permitted*
Trails / Trail Information
Flat / Easy
Rugged / Rocky
Specific Note !Some wooder with hills rocks, some in flat fields
This listing is part of Teetertown Ravine Nature Preserve

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