The 675 acre Thompson Park is the largest developed park in out Park System and is located in Monroe Township and Jamesburg. The park features Manalapan Lake, a 30 acre lake periodically stocked with fish by the State Division of Fish and Wildlife. This lake is a favorite spot for local fishermen and women. While gas powered boats are prohibited, park visitors are welcome to use the lake for canoeing, kayaking, or small boats powered by electric motors.

A wide variety of farm and exotic animals are on display within fenced-in areas at the animal haven which is open from dawn to dusk daily. This facility is visited and enjoyed daily by the young and old alike. Interpretive signage is displayed to provide an educational as well as a fun experience and best of all - its free! In Thompson Park you will see pigs, goats, an emu, deer, peacocks, turkeys, and many other exciting animals!

The Thompson Park Dog Park is a very popular facility to bring your friends and family - both two and four legged! Dog parks got their start in California and have become popular all across the country - Middlesex County is certainly no exception. At this dog park, dog owners can bring their pets to exercise and play in a leash-free environment. The two and a half acre facility is divided into two sections - one for large dogs and one for smaller breeds.

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There are many miles of trails within Thompson Park that are great for walking, biking and jogging.

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