A natural area within Stokes State Forest, Tillman Ravine retains the primeval beauty of its pine and hemlock forests. A mountain stream, Tillman Brook, flows through the area and rises in a spring along side of the Kittatinny Mountains. When visiting the ravine, you will find large parking lots (along Tillman Rd), no-flush bathrooms, hiking trails, a great stream dopping over waterfalls and down flumes/chutes. The trail and the river eventually lead you all the way down to Buttermilk Falls.

Trail & Path Info

There are a few trails within Tillman, mainly running parallel to the stream. Trail heads can be found at the 2 parking lots on Tillman Rd. There is also a trailhead near the Wallpack Cemetery. As many people know, Buttermilk Falls is located about 3.5 miles from the main parking of Tillmans Ravine. You can drive there by leaving the main lots to the left, heading down the mountain to the Wallpack Cemetery where you will make a left. The falls about up the road (about a mile and a half) on the left. If you would like to hike there, you have a few options. You can hike from the main Tillman parking lots all the way down the trail you will hit Brook Road. Make a left, following the road to the falls. Or, with some planning, you can also find trails connecting the AT, Tillmans, and Buttermilk. This is a longer hike, and we have been told it is a bit harder. The trails in this area are not always well maintained.

Editor's Note....

We visit this location every time we are in the area. We'll hit up Stokes/Sunrise Mountain, Tillman, and then Buttermilk. What a great area!

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