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Features of this park include a picnic pavilion with grills and picnic tables, playground equipment, dock and boat launch and open space. The Township, in cooperation with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the NJ DEP, implemented an aquatic habitat restoration of the Grover's Mill Pond at Van Nest Park in 2009. Silt that had built up over decades was removed to improve the depth of the pond to about 6'-7'. Artificial habitat structures were added and fish were stocked in the pond. Located on Cranbury Road portable bathroom facilities are available at this site. Pavilion rentals are also available. A memorial to the hysteria of War of the Worlds which "took place" in the hamlet of Grovers Mill is also on display.

Editor's Note....

While exploring Central NJ, we found Van Nest Park. Within the park, we found the monument dedicated Orson Wells, and his fake martian landing rendition of War Of The Worlds. Kinda fun!

While there, we did see people fishing on the pond right from a dock within the park. it looks like we might be able to car-top launch kayaks/canoes right into the pond. If not within the park, very close-by.

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