In 1965, the New Jersey Astronomical Association built the Voorhees State Forest Observatory on land leased from the state. The 26-inch Newtonian reflector telescope is one of the largest privately owned telescopes in New Jersey. The public is invited to explore the night sky at skywatching programs that are offered year round by the NJAA. For further information, call (908) 638-8500.

Trail & Path Info

The observatory itself has no land for trails. But Voorhees State Park has many miles of great biking and hiking trails. Camping too!

Trip Ideas

A very simple, but nice day, would be to go explore Voorhees State Park during the day, hiking biking and more, and then visiting the observatory during the evening.

Want to add a little more fun? Why not explore Voorhees during the day, the observatory at evening, and stay in Voorhees State Park Campground that night!

Editor's Note....

We have camped in the camp ground a few times. Each time, there have been a lot of amature astronomers in the parking lot, along with the observatory being open. Your chances of seeing the stars (through some great optics) on a clear Saturday evening are pretty good. Highly recommended :)

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