Voorhees State Park, like Parvin State Park, served as a camp for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) - Franklin Roosevelt's program to get people back to work during the Depression. The CCC planted trees and constructed shelters, picnic sites and trails throughout the park. Two overlooks provide scenic views of Round Valley Recreation Area and Spruce Run Recreation Area.

Facilities & Activities:

  • An observatory (more info..)
  • Trails
  • Camping (more info..)
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Scenic overlook
  • Picnic tables, picnic shelters, group picnic facilities
  • Playground
  • Exercise course
  • Winter sports: sledding, cross-country skiing


  • Hiking
  • Nature trails
  • Biking
  • Mountain biking
  • Exercise course

Trail & Path Info

The park itself offers many miles of great hiking trails. Most are well marked. As always, we recommend getting a map before heading out.

Things to See & Do

One of the most interesting parts to the park would be the
observatory ran by the New Jersey Astronomical Association. It can be found near the
campground, and usually has some type of sky watching every Sat evening. But please, check with the NJAA site before just heading to the park expecting to see the stars :)

Trip Ideas

A very simple, but nice day, would be to go explore Voorhees State Park during the day, hiking biking and more, and then visiting the
observatory during the evening. Better yet, why not explore Voorhees during the day, the observatory at evening, and stay in
Voorhees State Park Campground that night!

Amenities / Features of Voorhees State Park:

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Other Destinations found within / connected to Voorhees State Park are: Voorhees State Park Campground, Voorhees State Park Observatory / NJAA

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