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Waterloo Village Is Open To The Public - Waterloo Village was a well known destination for great music festivals. At one point, the the compnay leasing the property shut their doors and many people heard the Waterloo Village is closed. Though the music venue is no longer the focus here, the grounds of Waterloo Village are open to the public from dawn until dusk!

Waterloo Village takes the visitor through time from a 400-year old Lenape (Delaware) Indian village to a bustling port along the once prosperous Morris Canal. This early 19th-century restored village contains a working mill complex with gristmills and sawmills, a general store, blacksmith shop and several historic houses. Winakung at Waterloo Inc. offers educational, environmental and cultural programming and tours for groups at Waterloo Village through a concession agreement with the NJDEP Division of Parks and Forestry.

Trail & Path Info

There are trails / dirt roads (for walking) all around the main village and the Winakung Indian village. If you are looking for more challenging trails, we recommend grabbing a map of Allamuchy State Parkor Stephens State Park and heading across the street.

Things to See & Do

20 of so historic buildings are found around the groups. The Lenape village recreation (Winakung) is partially open all year round. But there is a closed off area that seems to be open at specific times of the year.

Trip Ideas

Visiting Waterloo Village is a good trip by itself :) But many people will stop into Waterloo to see the history, and heading over toAllamuchyor Stephens SP for a hike / bike ride.

The Stephens State Park Campground area is just a few miles down the road. Why not make your trip to Waterloo last the whole weekend :)

Special / Seasonal Events

There are special events throughout the year. This includes the Italian American festival in may, Highlands Festical in Sept, and much more.

Since there is no dedicated spot for Waterloo information, finding a list of events is tough. You may want to follow the Waterloo page on Facebook since they do seem to post a few events when appropriate. And if you do find an event, please let us know!

Picnics / Lunches / Eating

Picnicing in Waterloo is simply a great idea. Before getting into the park, head to Rt 206 and stop in to one of the many shops / locations to grab a sub. Come back to the park with a book and comfortable blanket. Find a shady tree and you are set.

Admission & Guidelines

There are no fee to park or get into the park unless there is a special event going on within the park. At that time the event will have their fees / pricing posted.

Hours / Season of Operation

Like most parks, Waterloo is open from Dawn until Dusk.


Parking is permitted outside the gates only. On days with special festivals, you may be able to drive into the park itself, but that is rare.

Editor's Note....

We love visiting Waterloo Village, but we do not get their enough. I first went there on a school trip as a kid and was hooked. We go back at least once a year, and simply can not wait to be back again soon!

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