The 930-acre Watershed Reserve serves as headquarters to the Watershed Association. Open to the public year-round, the reserve is maintained for conservation, education, enjoyment and research. The reserve is an outdoor classroom for our education programs, provides natural habitat for wildlife, connects the community to the natural world, and gives the Watershed Association one of the best platforms in New Jersey to feature responsible land stewardship. For example, the reserve includes the Honey Brook Organic Farm, the largest community supported organic farm in the country, and features several restoration projects that serve as models for land management.

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The Watershed Reserve offers more than 10 miles of hiking trails that are open from dawn to dusk throughout the year. Our trails explore wetlands, forests, meadows, streams and the four-acre Wargo Pond, which support the Watershed Reserve's vibrant and diverse community of animals and plants. Some of the oldest trees in central New Jersey are found here, as well as fox, coyote, weasel and flying squirrel. Birders will enjoy looking out for osprey, bobolink, Coopers hawk, red-shouldered hawk, or any of six species of owl that frequent the reserve.

Editor's Note....

We visited this location two times now, and have loved each visit. We hope to post our trail guide and our photos shortly!

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