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Wells Mills has the distinction of being the largest park in the Ocean County park system with over 900 acres of pine and oak forest within southern New Jersey's environmental marvel known as the Pine Barrens. Miles of hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty can be found here, including a "VIP" (Visually Impaired Persons) Trail. The three-story Nature Center offers a great display floor, a library, and the third floor "Elizabeth Meirs Morgan Observation Deck", recently dedicated in honor of a very active naturalist and conservationist in Ocean County. Environmental programs and classes are held regularly at Wells Mills, with experienced naturalists available to answer any questions you may have about the ecology of this area. The Annual "Pine Barrens Jamboree" is held at Wells Mills each October. A day filled with music, piney vittles and hand-made crafts, it's an event not to be missed! Beautiful Wells Mills Lake has trails meandering around it, perfect for a leisurely stroll through the 900 acres of Pine Barrens located within Wells Mills County Park. Canoe rentals are also available at a nominal cost.

Trail & Path Info

There are many miles multi-use trails around the park. You can bike, hike, walk, jog, and get around on horseback. Some trails are limited to walking/hiking only, please be respectful to this.

One thing to point out is that this are does actually have some elevation change. Though it is not much mroe then 30 feet or so total, you will go up and down a good bit, adding more fun to your day out.

Tips and Tricks

Stay on the trails within this park. The ticks and Chiggers are pretty bad in the pines.. and always seem t be very bad within this park. Where proper clothing and insect repellent.

Picnics / Lunches / Eating

There are picnic tables and charcoal grills within the park that are great for a picnic on a warm afternoon. Nothing can be putchased at the park, so bring your own. And fires must be kept inside the provide grills.

Editor's Note....

We have visited the park a few times in the middle of summer to bike. The first time we visited we noticed many many signs and roped off areas indicating a large problem with ticks. It was almost overwhelming. If we did not understand that being in the pines, and being outdoors, means lots of biting bugs, we would have ran away and never come back :) But we simply put on some off and headed out for a ride. During subsequent visits, we found the overwhelming signs were down, and 1 nice was was in it's place. The tick population has not dropped.. they just realized less drama was better for "business" :)

Beyond creepy crawlies, we really do like this park. it is a lot of fun to bike.. which is surprising for a sandy soil area in southern NJ. We hope to get back at some point to kayak the lake as well. Overall, this is a great park. GetOut and Explore Wells Mills!

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