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Photos from our hike through Lord Stirling Park (2018) - 10/24/2018

This past weekend, we stopped in at one of our favorite Somerset County Parks: Lord Stirling Park. It has been many

Hibernia Mine Railroad Bridge - 06/29/2017

While visiting Duke Island, we found the historic Hibernia Mine Railroad Bridge. Here are some photos from that day

Environmental Education Center at Lord Stirling (2014) - 09/23/2015

In 2014, we stopped into one of our favorite parks in central NJ, Environmental Education Center - Somerset County.

Trails in Lord Stirling Park / EEC (2009) - 09/23/2015

In 2009, we learned about a beautiful park in Basking Ridge called Lord Stirling. Their trails are flat, but are si

Lord Stirling Stable - 2009 - 09/22/2015

In 2009, we stopped by Lord Stirling Stable in Basking Ridge. This location offers great events, programs, special

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