Jackson, Ocean County, New Jersey

Below you will find photos and photo galleries taken in and around Jackson, Ocean County, New Jersey.

A Summer Walk Through FREC (2018) - 07/30/2018

Hiking the yellow trail at the Forest Resource Education Center on a beautiful summer afternoon.


Memorial Day Weekend in Indian Rock - 2007 - 09/07/2016

In 2007, we camped at Indian Rock Campground in Jackson, New Jersey.


A Winter Walk Though the Forest Resource Education Center (2014) - 11/03/2015

In December of 2014, we visited a fun location in Jackson, NJ called the Forest Resource Education Center. We covered most of the park,


A Summer Walk Through FREC (2015) - 11/03/2015

We visit the Forest Resource Education Center in Jackson, NJ for the first time this past winter. Now that summer is here, we headed ba


Photos Of: Bunker Hill Bogs (2009) - 07/13/2014

Back in 2009, we visited Bunker Hill Bogs in Jackson, NJ. This smaller park has 1 main trail stretching from one end of the park to the


Paddling Prospertown Lake, Summer, 2005 - 07/30/2013

This was my first time exploring Prospertown Lake. The amount of lily pads, dragonflies, turtles and birds was unexpected. And the view


Prospertown Lake - Low Water.. - 04/21/2012

In late 2011, the dam / drainage system within Prospertown Lake was damaged because of hurricane Irene. because of this, much of the wa


Prospertown Lake in Fall - 2005 - 11/06/2005

Here are some shots from a nice paddle we had back in 2005 in Prospertown Lake.


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