We need the help of everyone around New Jersey to make the GetOutsideNJ project a success. Do you have a favorite park in your town? A hotspot to go bike that you feel others should know about as well? Or maybe a horse farm that needs some promotion? We hope that you'll send any parks/businesses/locations over to us. You can do that through a Facebook Message, a post on our wall, or through email: jeff@getoutsidenj.com.

Specific Site Additions:

Creative Writing, Blogs, Articles:

If you are a creative writer, have a lot to say about exploring NJ, and are looking for a place to get your thoughts out to a large group of like-minded, outdoorsy people, we would love to hear from you! We know our audience wants to hear about trips around the state, fun places to go, and read why you liked/disliked your visit. What do you have to say?

Photo Galleries:

If you have a set of photos from a park or a trip, we would consider sharing them. We will include a selection of your pictures as a new post in our gallery pages, on the appropriate location/park listing, and share them across all our social accounts. We feel this would be an excellent opportunity for both professional and amateur photographers alike to share their view of NJ with the people of NJ.

New Places / Locations:

Though we try to add in any new location we find, we do not know all the great places out there. If you have a campground, amusement park, park, or anything that will get someone outside, please contact us at the email at the top of this page. We Would Love to hear from you.

Calendar of Event Listings:

We will add any "outdoorsy" events into our system that you would like to provide. We would include a group hike, outdoor events/concert/festival, races, picnics, etc. To have your "outdoorsy" event added, please email the following information:

  • Name of event
  • Date / Time
  • A description of the event
  • Complete Address. if it is a parade or spread over a large area, please provide at the very least a town and primary streets / area.
  • Price of the event
  • Links, including main primary pages, Facebook pages, anything like that
  • The appropriate person / group to give credit back to

Group Additions:

Many groups around NJ need their hard work shared with the world. We want to do that by adding them to our group directory. Please email us with as much information about the group, what they do, links, etc., and we'll get them added to our system right away.